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Cyla's Gift

What happens when your family lineage stops with you? 

What happens to the stories and memories of generations past? 

When the ghost of her grandmother starts visiting her at night, 

Samara is compelled to travel through interwoven family stories of survival. 

Cyla's Gift is a train-hopping, border-crossing story of danger, 

adventure, magic, loss, and the power of storytelling.

Booking: November 2018 - August 2019

About the Artist

Samara Lerman is an actor and filmmaker based in Seattle, Washington. As a storyteller she is driven to create new works on stage and screen that illuminate forgotten moments of history, and explore characters overlooked by media’s traditional gatekeepers. Samara has been seen on the stages of Shakespeare Santa Cruz, Napa Valley Shakespeare Festival, Seattle Shakespeare Company and Book-It Repertory Theatre. She has appeared in a number of independent films, including Chasing the Sun, and Iron. This past spring, Samara traveled to Mongolia and made her film directorial debut in collaboration with the Shamanic community of Ulaanbaatar.



A solo piece beautifully written and performed...Her talent and experience show… Her graceful movements embody the characters

-Sue Cohen City Beat Magazine

Lerman performed perfectly to a story written with tremendous passion, familial pride, and love of humanity. There is an urgency to her storytelling... See this if you can 

-Steven Link

One of the most poignant works I have seen from a grandchild of a survivor...Her one-woman performance takes the audience on a powerful journey... beautifully written, at times funny and heart-breaking, showcasing the humanity within this tragedy.  

-Sarah L. Weiss, Executive Director The Holocaust & Humanity Center